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The Right Culture

We'll let you in on the secret to a data-driven culture right away: It leads to greater prosperity in your business.

When you embrace a data-driven culture, you empower leaders and employees at all levels to make decisions based on fact rather than instinct. What's more -- it's key to the success of your data project.

Luckily, we're the workplace culture experts.


of big data projects fail to go beyond piloting and experimentation because of culture issues.


Develop a culture that rewards research, not guesswork.

Organizations are struggling to incorporate data into their culture and reap the benefits of better, faster decision-making. Leaders and employees must make a behavior shift in how they make decisions -- by conducting research that can guide them toward a mutually beneficial solution.

Most firms help you gather and analyze data, and then they call it done. But 60% of big data projects fail to go beyond piloting and experimentation because of culture issues.

Gallup can work with you to gather and analyze data and transform your culture based on what the data say. We work with you to identify your key business goals and get the right people and processes in place to achieve them.

That's how you create the future success of your company.

of employees are actively looking for a new job.
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Create an exceptional workplace.

Gallup has spent decades studying what matters most to employees, managers and companies. Our unmatched research and insights can help you master the elements of an exceptional workplace.

Use data to drive your business to success.

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