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Life at Gallup

As experts on knowing how to create exceptional workplaces, we bring our analytics and advice to our own workplace every day. With a focus on talent, mission-driven work, world-class managers and strengths-based development, our culture is unparalleled.


An Emphasis on Employee Engagement

At Gallup, we live and breathe engagement. Whether it's making sure that you know what is expected of you in your role, or it's creating opportunities for you to do what you do best, your engagement is our priority. In a high-achieving culture where our focus is on customer outcomes and mission-driven work, we use our greatest strength -- our engaged employees -- to create transformational change.

A Diverse Workforce

A person's unique talents and strengths are the foundation of a diverse work environment. Our associates' talent themes represent all 34 CliftonStrengths, but we don't hire clones. In fact, no two Gallup employees have the same theme sequence, so we benefit from diversity in thoughts, actions and work styles. Our emphasis on strengths-based diversity encourages everyone to bring something distinct to their role and team, creating an innovative work environment.

Our Commitment to You


From day one, we give you meaningful work that contributes to your purpose and our core mission to change the world.

Great Managers and Leaders

Our managers act as coaches, empowering you, celebrating your achievements and removing obstacles so that you can focus on being your best.

Ongoing Development

You're in charge of your career path at Gallup. With a strong commitment to continuous learning and development, we support the growth opportunities that matter most to you.

The Right Fit

We match your innate talents and passions with a career that allows you to thrive. When you do what you do best, you not only love your job, you change the world.

Flexible Work Culture

From individualized work schedules to configurable flextime, our culture embraces a lifestyle that empowers your career and personal life to work together.


We offer programs and activities that emphasize your financial, physical, social, community and purpose well-being to help you thrive in all aspects of your life.


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